Check out why people are falling in love with Wake and Bake.

“Love everything about Wake and Bake. Great environment, service and food at cheap prices.” - Google Reviews

“Nice place. Breakfast tacos were great. Comfortable place to just sit around with a morning coffee.” - Google Reviews

“You know the kind of place that is so comfy, friendly and always has whatever it is you want at all times of the day, where you’ll always run into whomever you happen to need to run into that day?  Yeah… W & B is that kind of place. I call it home, whenever I’m not home. And I only live a couple blocks away.  You’ll love it. “ - Trip Advisor

“Great place to start your day. wonderful breakfast variety everything form bagels to burritos. You will love it.” – Trip Adviso”I make it habit to stop in a get a coffee every morning when I’m in town and sometimes again at the end of the day! Their breakfast and lunch is always tasty!  It’s just a great place to sit, relax, sip coffee, grab a bite and open up your laptop to check your email. (They have free wifi)” - Trip Advisor 

“This place has a nice vibe and plenty of space to sit and take advantage of the wi-fi. Could use more outlets though. Good coffee drinks, very tasty waffles (only until 11:30) and very tasty fish tacos (only 11:30-3pm). Chicken taco was good as well, but there’s a reason 2/3 of people walking in midday are ordering the fish tacos- they’re quite good and a lot of food for $2.50/ea.  Our new favorite spot for quick eats for breakfast or lunch.”Yelp